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     The Internet and the World Today The Internet is deeply involved in our daily lives.  You can enjoy programs from one country to another in a matter of moments with the remote control in hand with the switch of the television.  Did you know that most of these programs are presented in front of you using internet technology?

      What is happening in other parts of the world is being sent to the computers in this part of the world in a matter of moments using internet technology.  Not just on earth.  With the help of this internet technology, it is possible to send video images of what is happening in space and oceans to the broadcast center in a matter of moments.

    Whether you are a student, a housewife, or an employee, just being a member of the Internet family will bring the whole world to the computer monitor in front of you.  At the tip of your finger.  Key - With the slightest touch of a finger on the bird, you can travel around the world in an instant.  So let's find out why you need to use the internet method or get a full knowledge of this method.

    In today's world of information technology, those who do not use the Internet.  They are probably still away from technology.  Deprived of the touches of modernity, the news of ever new technology.  Those who are not using this means of communication at a very fast and minimal cost still do not realize what kind of unlimited power they have lost. 

     In the case of the Internet, distance is not an issue.  That is Chad's land hack or Mars hack from the earth.  This advantage of exchanging information in a moment on any computer connected to the Internet can be compared to the speed of Ala.  In some cases, information can be exchanged faster than the speed of Ala using the Internet.  There is no other means of communication in the world that transcends any distance.


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